Bobby Curttright


Bobby Curttright was born in the Midwest, but instantly felt at home in the Pacific Northwest when he moved here in 2006. After receiving degrees in psychology and in fisheries, and having spent about three decades focused on keeping animals from frogs to seahorses to salmon alive and well, a rather sudden passion for horticulture and bonsai developed.

About a year later, Bobby began his bonsai journey in the form of an apprenticeship under Michael Hagedorn, working full-time from 2013 to 2016. Additionally, he was making yearly trips to Japan to work for the bonsai master Shinji Suzuki to style trees, learn more about bonsai display, and help with world famous Kokufu-ten exhibit. Bobby was the first to complete a Japanese style apprenticeship in America, and others are now following his path. Bobby is now operating Cascadia Bonsai and often works with his senpai Matt Reel conducting joint demos and study groups, as well as styling trees and creating displays together; which works well due to their similar formal training.

Much of Bobby's time is spent doing what he loves most, working in his yard, developing and styling client and personal trees, finding that perfect pot during repotting season, and setting displays whenever possible.  Bobby truly loves to work on all species of trees, native and otherwise, with Mountain Hemlock and Tosho (Juniperus rigida) being particular favorites. 

For his Saturday morning workshop, Bobby chose the unusual Yellow Cyprus.  Saturday afternoon will find him on the stage with Matt Reel, working on a Mountain Hemlock.  This demo tree will be auctioned at the Saturday evening banquet.  After the demo he and Matt Reel will lead a review of the Bonsai Exhibit.  On Sunday, Bobby will join the other three headliners on stage for the Super Critique.