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Yeeehaaaa! Welcome to the Rendezvous Rodeo Workshops. Why are we calling Sunday afternoon’s program a rodeo? Because it is a combination of eight workshops, all happening at the same time in the same room. Guaranteed to generate some intense energy! And not just once but twice: 1:30pm to 3:00pm and then again from 3:30pm to 5:00pm.  Just click on any of the blue bars below for details about the various workshops.

There are two main reasons the rodeo was created. First, to create 16 reasons for our registrants to want to stay around on Sunday afternoon, and the second, just as important, we wanted to have 16 very affordable workshops that beginners and our volunteers can attend. Not to mention wanting 16 more reasons to have fun! Bring your tools; everything else will be provided, including wire.  If you don't have tools, come anyway and borrow ours.

We'd like to call your attention to R-5A, Randy Knight's lecture on collecting in the wild.  Because we feel this topic is so important, there is no additional charge.  It is included as part of your registration fee.

In addition to the 16 workshops, Rodeo participants can choose from two lectures, R-9A on Tool Sharpening and R-9B on Pests and Diseases. These lectures take place in the Salal Room, and are not open to silent observers.

You have the option of signing up for the workshops and taking home a tree and/or hand-out material, OR you can be a silent observer and wander throughout the rodeo as a spectator. Either way, saddle up and welcome to the rodeo. 

Please see the 2018 NW Bonsai Rendezvous Rodeo refund policy by selecting More... on the Home page and then selecting Policy.

  Rodeo Workshops - Sunday afternoon

Whoa! Want to see what the Rodeo material looks like? Click here


NOTE: Before selecting ANY Rodeo workshop, you must be registered as an attendee and your registration must be at least for Sunday afternoon. Otherwise, we will be unable to validate your Rodeo workshop reservation.  For the Rodeo, waitlists will not be maintained, and people should check back occasionally in case there is a cancellation.

The Lost Wax Pendant class (R-10A/B) has been reduced from $125 to $100


"B"   3:30pm-5:00pm (1.5hrs)

R-1A (cont) J. Maple Forest, $50

R-2A (cont) Bring Your Own Tree

R-3B Procumbens 'Nana', $45

R-4B J. Contorted Quince, SOLD OUT

R-5B Chinese Elm, SOLD OUT

R-6B Literati Juniper Foemina, SOLD OUT

R-7B Kokedama/Moss Balls, $25

R-8B Shohin Itiogawa, SOLD OUT

R-9B Lecture, Pests/Diseases, $25

R-10A (cont) Lost Wax Bonsai Pendant