The most unconventional feature of the 2018 NW Bonsai Rendezvous is its venue - the Milwaukie Community Center. Among the opportunities created by this change is the flexibility in lodging options. Registrants are free to choose lodging priced to fit their budget, be it a five-star luxury hotel or an RV campground or anywhere in between. We have searched the internet for viable lodging options in the area surrounding the Center, shown below. All are located within a few miles of the Center. The hotels have not been individually vetted by the Rendezvous, and we can offer no guarantees about quality or condition. A search of the internet may reveal suitable hotels or motels not listed here. It may be possible to get better rates using one of the hotel reservation brokers like or, to name just two of many. 

To get a full size scalable Google map showing the routes from the hotel to the Milwaukie Center and where directions can also be obtained, click the "View larger map" link on the map for the hotel listing in shih you are interested.


Monarch Hotel and Conference Center
12566 SE 93rd Ave.
Clackamas, OR 97015
(503) 652-1515
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3 miles from the Milwaukie Center

Comfort Suites
15929 S.E. McKinley Ave.
Clackamus, OR
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2.6 miles from the Milwaukie Center

Days Inn/Portland Central
1530 N.E. 82nd
(503) 253-1151
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11 miles from the Milwaukie Center

Studio Six
4911 N.E. 82nd
(503) 255-9771
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13.6 miles from the Milwaukie Center

Howard Johnson
8247 N.E. Sandy, Blvd
(503) 256-4111
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13.4 miles from the Milwaukie Center

Del Rancho Inn
7622 S.E. 82nd
(503) 777-3806
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6 miles from the Milwaukie Center

Sunnyside Inn and Suites
12855 S.E. 97th Ave
Clackamas, OR
(503) 652-1500
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3.4 miles from the Milwaukie Center

River's Edge Hotel and Spa
0455 S.W. Hamilton Ct.
Milwaukie, OR
(503) 802-5800
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7 miles from the Milwaukie Center

Chestnut Tree Inn
9699 S.E. Stark St.
(503) 255-4444
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9.4 miles from the Milwaukie Center

Motel 6
9225 S.E. Stark St.
(503) 255-0808
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9.4 miles from the Milwaukie Center

Ramada Inn
9707 S.E. Stark
(503) 252-7400
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9.4 miles from the Milwaukie Center

Clarion Inn & Suites, Clackamus
9717 S.E. Sunnyside Rd.
Clackamus. OR
(503) 654-1699
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4.3 miles from the Milwaukie Center

Other Accommodations

Clackamette RV Park
1955 Clackamette Dr.
Oregon City, OR
(503) 496-1201 (No advance reservations)
GPS Coordinates: 45.370367, -122.602687
$25 - $30/ night
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6.3 miles from the Milwaukie Center
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