The 2018 NW Bonsai Rendezvous offers in excess of 2,900 square feet of bonsai intensive  marketplace.  The marketplace is the best place to find unique bonsai material, both raw and already styled, and the best possible place to find the specialized tools, stands and other equipment. We have gone to great lengths to entice the best of the best to bring their wares to Portland. This will be THE place to find your next tree, your next pot, your next… well, anything your heart may desire.

The following seventeen vendors have committed to attend the 2018 NW Bonsai Rendezvous. Click the vendor name below to view their contact information:

Mt. Hemlock, Shore Pine, Yellow Cedar, collected Kusamono.

Anton Nijhuis (email)

Austin Heitzman
Stands and Jitas

Pots and trees

John Muth (email)

Jonas Dupuich
Tool, trees

Jim Gremel
Annealed copper wire, pots, trees

Jim Gremel (email)

Dennis Vojtilla
Specializing in deciduous and grapevine bonsai
(503) 550-2848

Dennis Vojtilla (email)

Vicki Chamberlain
Pots for bonsai, kusamono and ikebana

Flaval Farms

John and Leah Eads
Hand crafted wire caddies, tool bags, turntables, and Northwest inspired display stands.

John Eads (email)
Tel: 971-230-8336

Frank's Custom Jewelry

Frank Mihalic
Hand crafted jewelry in sterling silver, gold, bronze, pewter

Frank Mihalic (email)
Frank's Custom Jewelry

Jan Rentenaar
Hand built Bonsai pots, kuzamanos and legendary sculptures. Fired in Anagama wood fire kiln.

Bob Shimon
Top quality collected material, pots, burls, slabs and stands


Peter Pelofske & Mark Vossbrink
Trees in training, kokadama

Peter Pelofske (email)

Steve Leaming
Tools, supplies, soils

Rainier Bonsai Pottery

Josef Leibfried
Fine, Handmade and Antique Bonsai Pottery

Tel: (425) 444-1186

Gretchen O’Brien
Unusual trees and shrubs

Chris and Lisa Kirk
Field-grown pre-bonsai stock, shohin trees and satsuki azaleas.