Matt Reel


Matt got his start in bonsai right here, with the Bonsai Society of Portland.  Upon completion of high school, Matt was able to secure a position with Mr. Shinji Suzuki in Japan.  In 2014, after a staggering eight year’s apprenticeship, Matt returned to Portland to start his professional career.  His arrival raises the Japanese-trained contingent of the Portland based Bonsai Village to three. Matt is known for his broad expertise in working with a wide range of conifer and deciduous material, as well as his knowledge of bonsai pots and bonsai display aesthetics. Matt’s highly refined styling of trees is making him in demand as a presenter and as a caretaker of bonsai for serious aficionados, which makes his light and playful manner all the more appealing.

Matt will lead a workshop in Engelmann Spruce for the Rendezvous on Saturday morning, and on Saturday afternoon, Matt will share the stage with Bobby Curttright for a demonstration on a Mountain Hemlock.  This demo tree will be auctioned at the Saturday evening banquet.  Matt and Bobby will also present a review of the Bonsai Exhibit after their demo on Saturday afternoon, and join the other headliners Sunday morning presenting the Super Critique.