Rendezvous Policies


The purpose of this page is to cover rules and regulations that are necessary to the success of any convention.

1.      Confirmation of registration and all communication will be by email unless special arrangements are made with Registrar.

2.      Apparel and Meals orders must be placed prior to September 1, 2018 so correct quantities can be ordered.

3.      Due to space restrictions at the Milwaukie Community Center, the 2018 NW Bonsai Rendezvous will not officially open until 1:00 pm Friday afternoon, September 14, 2018.  The reason for this is because the Center will be serving meals and holding their normal weekday activities Friday morning.  Participation in Rendezvous events will be restricted Friday morning in order to reduce impact on the Center's regular patrons.

4.    Due to the above described space restrictions, the Friday morning workshops require purchase of a Full Pass registration and are not open for silent observation.  The workshops not open for observation are: W-1, Ryan Neil's Colorado Blue Spruce, morning session; W-2, Michael Hagedorn's Garden Tour; and W-3, Dennis Vojtilla's Oregon Pinot Noir Grape.

5.      Workshops and Rodeo registrations may be cancelled and refunds issued without penalty prior to August 15, 2018.  After that date, refunds will only be issued if the cancelled Workshop or Rodeo position can be refilled. Contact the Registrar at for refund assistance and information.

6.      Workshops will be filled on a first come-first served basis.

7.      Workshop tree assignments will be made at the start of the workshop based on a drawing.  The trees will be numbered 1 through 10, and the earliest registrant draws first.  Please be sure to arrive at your workshop 15 minutes before the assigned starting time so valuable workshop time is not wasted doing the drawing.  There are two extra trees for each workshop that are available as alternates for those who want to exchange for another tree; this too, is done by earliest registrant chooses first.

The exceptions to this policy are W-10, Japanese Maples by Scott Elser and W-12, Shimpaku Junipers by Ryan Neil, for which the trees are purchased individually.

 8.      Single day and half-day registration entitles attendee to silent observations of all workshops during the time purchased, with the exception of W-1, W-2, W-3, and Rodeo lectures R-9A and R-9B, for which observation is not permitted.

9.      Lodging and local restaurant listings on this website are provided for registrant’s convenience.  They are the result of website research, and should not be considered recommendations. The postings have not been vetted by BSOP, and the Rendezvous accepts no liability for condition or quality of any facility listed.

10.    Vendor table fees provide vendor with access equal to a Full Pass registration. Assistants who help vendors with their booths may go to the Registration Desk in the Lobby for a free pass to the Bonsai Exhibit.