R-5A Lecture: Collecting in the Wild

Sunday Afternoon - ‘A’ Session - 1:30-3:00pm, 1.5 hours
No cost


This lecture is included in your registration fee, at no additional charge, as good collecting technique and etiquette are becoming more and more crucial due to an ever increasing interest in bonsai. Randy Knight, Oregon Bonsai's owner, is arguably the finest collector of yamadori* in the world.  He will share his insights into collecting trees in the wild. Randy’s greatest claim to fame is not the number of trees he has collected, albeit significant, but the survival rate he has achieved. Oregon Bonsai is known throughout the world as THE place to find excellent yamadori.  Whether you are interested in collecting yourself or just want to know what it is about, this lecture will be extremely informative and entertaining. A pen and notepad are the only tools needed.

*Yamadori is the term used to define trees collected from the wild, typically old, gnarled trees showing the effects of harsh environmental influences.